One in four women are victims of some sort of violence. Whether it be emotional, sexual or physical, too many women fear being judged for seeking help. Especially, women of color, specifically black women. As we are supposed to be strong, attitudinal and fearless. Yet so many of us cry in the silence of our wounds .

And I Conquer segues from the overall theme of 1st Sin, 2nd Class, 3rd World in an attempt to uncover the uncomfortable, unspoken roots of rage that plagues a certain percentage of women in which society labels ‘moody’. Also a choreopoem, it reveals common reactions, while offering the option of sisterhood bonding and strengthening mental health through therapy as resolutions for survivors.   Additionally, it addresses visceral issues that plague some of today’s ‘strong’ women.

It's currently in the final stages of completion before being submitted for a full production.